Yemaali Move Review

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Genre: Romantic screenplay * sets forth in one direction and at the end had a ludicrous twirl.

Synopsis: The film track on the younger generation, how the youth leads up with trendy life. Initially, the flick opens with energetic and boost out the present generation activities.

An unacquainted younger guy falls love with an IT elegant lady and they both were decided to break up for giddy reason and the guy and his senior well wisher plans to murder her in a public place and this anserine end was unexpected and made tedious, which made the viewers to look for the wrist to check out the time.

Story: The director VZ Dhorai, who had given the fairish movies. Unluckily, “Yemaali” couldn’t tolerate and he had tried to fluctuates the sequels with imaginary scenes riling to some extend. “Yemaali” is the love tale of a young man who decided to avenge on his lover, that she was dumped him remorselessly. Maali (Sam Jones), who is an innocuous guy and a moral supporter Aravind (Samuthirakani), both had a good friendship with each other. Once Maali’s girlfriend breaks up his love and the guy plan to kill her and seeks help towards Aravind. In this unconditional situation Maali never accept Aravind’s advise. So the voguish man decided to follow Maali’s track to change about his wrong attitude. The guys plan to kill Maali’s ex-girlfriend. And for this target, Maali keeps a protrude name, Maali joint Aavind’s first letter in front of his name and the task name “Yemaali” and decided to kill Rit2. The film extended with a lot of investigation was framed in their perspective. At the end, twisted followed the guys had executives the plan and what techniques would have proceeded is the balanced screenplay.

Effortless, risible scenes actually made it to the final.

Verdict: Not worked out well.


Samuthirakani * Aravindh

Sam Jones * Maali

Athulya Ravi * Ritu

Roshni Prakash * Dhivya

Bala Saravanan * Rathakrishnan

Singampuli * Selvaraj


Directed by * V. Z. Durai

Produced by * M. Latha

Music by * Sam D. Raj

Cinematography * M. Rethish Kanna
I. J. Prakash

Edited by * R. Sudharsan

Production Company * Latha Productions

PRO * Nikkil

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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