Yenda Thalaiyila Yenna Vekkala Movie Review

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Genre: Waggery * a mirthful incident, which follows throughout the movie.


The title “Yenda Thalaiyila Yenna Vekkala” itself made the audiences to be hilarious and makes curious to watch out the film, unluckily funninesses traverse out in all the portions. The tale was boost up in the second half. The film was written and directed by Vignesh Karthick, the artists Sanchita Shetty, Eden and Azhar play a prominent role.

The baseline of the flick was Yama Dharma Raja picks out a guy who doesn’t apply oil on his head. Normally, in Kollywood cinema if Yama Dharma appeared on screen, the audiences shouldn’t go to the logical questions.

Hey All the trick concept would be seized, the director claimed to forget the viewers on coherent sequence. Eventually, there was just about jests were periling, it was doesn’t ferment on.

The actor Azhar gives a cogent performance in his acting, Yogi Babu overlaps in the second half to hit for the risible.

Verdict: Old version with a different concept.



Sanchita Shetty

Eden Kuriakose

Yogi Babu

Mansoor Ali Khan

Singapore Deepan


Directed by * Vignesh Karthick

Music by * A. R. Reihana

Cinematography * Vamshidharan Mukundhan

Edited by * C. S. Prem

Production Company * Yogi and Partners


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