Yendha Nerathilum Movie Review

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Genre: Horror * keeps aversion

Synopsis: The film “Yendha Nerathilum” sprinkled of horrendous in the second half, the director Muthukumar had stepped up with an erstwhile concept with forthcoming new faces, Sandra and Leema Babu are in the leading roles, a debut artist Yashmith and Ramakrishnan, who patronize with Sandra.

Story: The film grabbed in the place of Ooty and the audience feels harmonious with wearisome screenplay, Jennifer (Sandra) blessed with a girl baby and leads to the happy life with her husband (Yashmith), and her brother who fell love with Leema Babu. Unluckily, Jennifer meets her brother’s loved one in the coffee shop and she gets shocked even she rejects their proposal. At a point, Jennifer’s father and husband met with an accident.

With the usual stuff in the second half, a demise soul comes out to revenge people who killed her, not special as usual, the soul gets dumped and rest the soul in the air.

Sandra was gracious up the film by her acting, music director of this film is Sathish and background effects not up to the level, as it is a horror flick.

Verdict: Time pass




Leema Babu


Director * Muthukumar

Music * Mr. Sathish


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