Zero Movie Review

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zeroGenre: Dread * were inches in every sequence and lengthen the curiosity.

Throbbing * made a fabulous way and the horror areas expected anxiety.

Amorously * exposes in a decent way, the romance dragged out into the mild breeze of feelings.

Synopsis: An illusion script sketches by Shiv Mohaa (Arun Kumar), the story explains about myths and made us to move on the origin of the birth, early Adam, Eve history was vox briefs about the God created human beings to live in a heaven on earth, although they fell away from that state and formed the present world full of agony and injustice, which were stuffed with an eccentric was Lillith freakish to the archaic period. The character Lillith lives her own life and never control to the God and Adam words. Lillith starts her own life, but the God’s curse she never give birth to babies, these leads her to revenge on God and even she targets for women who gets the pregnancies.

Story: An unveiling director (ShivaaMohaa) Had been given an unconvincing fib, but with a perceptiveness towards him on groundbreaking approaches. Bala incurs married to Priya, but his father forced to not to get married to Priya. The reason behind was Priya’s mom had to be mentally abnormal, and might affect Bala’s life. Merely Priya was caught with the same issues, she about to walk alone in the night, had Kleptomania on pinky things, and dream leads to a new world where Priya mom convinced to stay back and forced to not worry about on her hubby. At last the film end with their bondage were continuing to reincarnation, and God had chosen the couple to give birth of his own spirit, even though Priya has complication in her uterus.

The hero project his excellent performance in the acting, the heroine natural output was fabulous, especially when she was getting transformed into Lillith character. Pick color craziness were exaggerated, but Lilith likes to admire about it. CGI animation of the snake looks to be most risible, and the Lillith character is a fanciful, God created human beings to lead the happy life, in name of Eve, Lillith eccentric polished, that woman was not controlled under a man, mildly the concept changes into another track of horrific that Lillith role was mastered by God.

Verdict: New attempt and trendy fib to horror film.


Ravi Ragavendra
JD Chakravarthy


Directed * Shiv Mohaa (Arun Kumar)
Produced * Balaji Kapa
Written * Shiv Mohaa (Arun Kumar)
Music * Nivas K. Prasanna
Cinematography * Babu Kumar
Edited * Sudharshan


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